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Decision Point Associated with Lung Cancer. Posted on October 13, 2011 View this journey (4 Experiences)

If you read my "Clinical Trial" experience, you can see where I am at right do I make this critical decision? I am so very grateful to be alive, and I have always been so up-beat throughout this whole fight, but now I am very confused and frightened because I realize that if I stop participating in this trial, I am essentially giving I grin and bear these set-backs in the hopes that medication can alleviate the new symptoms? or do I just say "ENOUGH", I am afraid of what new side effect will come along...being a trial means that the doctors are unsure of the future...Well, here I am several months later and doing much better...medication has brought my thyroid under control with a little weight gain too...a visit to a rheumatologist and a shot of cortisone has brought my hand problems under control for now...yes, I feel the typical muscle aches and pains, almost flu-like in nature, but I have been able to work through them...I have decided to continue in the trial as I have been working, participating in many extra-curricular activities---my volunteer time is primo to me---and basically living a fairly normal life...hey, as long as my quality of life remains this way, I'll keep going until I can no-longer fight...

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