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As of 5/8/2012, the surgery hasn't happened yet.
We loaded up the family and drove to USC in Los Angeles yesterday for a surgical consultation for my dad, the CatMan. Living in Bakersfield, LA is about a two or three hour trip for us, depending on traffic.
At this consultation appointment, we learned that esophagus surgery is apparently very complicated, involving three different incisions:

1) Hack open the side of his chest to pull the esophagus out and chop parts of it off
2) Open up the abdomen to move the stomach up further towards to chest and connect it to the shortened esophagus, and insert feeding tube
3) Make an incision in the neck to remove lymph nodes

Assuming there are no complications, the doc said the surgery will take a minimum of 7 hours and require at least 2 weeks of hospital time at the USC hospital in LA. Again, that's assuming everything goes right. The more I research and read people's stories about esophagus cancer and this type of surgery, some have said that they've been in the hospital for up to 2 or 3 months! I don't even want to think about how our family is going to deal with that.

~Becky, the spawn of CatMan

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