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Procedure or Surgery Associated with Intermediate-Grade Astrocytoma. Posted on October 13, 2011 View this journey (6 Experiences)

My husband has 6.5 hours of surgery on 5/10/11. He had to be awake for the surgery due to the tumor's proximity to critical areas in the brain. The doctor did encourage him to mentally prepare for this complex surgery as he would have to be a key participant, having to speak and move according to his direction every 15 minutes to ensure that they weren't entering an area that would affect him in the long term. I saw him after surgery and he was ok...he did have a lot of pain at that point after the surgery that didn't subside for a couple of days, but all in all, it was amazing how well he healed. His surgery ended at 5:30pm on a Tuesday and by 1pm on Thursday, he was discharged.

The surgeon was able to remove 100% of the tumor, thank God. We attribute him being able to do this to the fact that my husband was such a good patient and stayed with them/alert/in control during the long procedure.

Went as Expected: Agree
Minimal Recovery: Strongly Agree
Minimal Side Effects: Strongly Agree
Minimal Impact to Daily Life: Strongly Agree

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