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Right now I am 1 dose in and my GI tract is in revolt. Diarrhea took anti-nausea and now I am constipated and have severe indigestion acid reflux. Any suggestions! This was 1 dose of Abraxane and either placebo or immune thereapy

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  • MLT's Avatar

    You can try Nexium for reflux. I always took Colace and Miralax aftet chemo, but I have not had Abraxane. It is such a fine line btwn constipation and diarrhea. Hope you are getting Tecentriq, I didnt qualify for that trial.. Hopefully your team will add more anti nausea meds and Pepcid AC to your IV. Keep in contact with them if you dont get better soon. Prayers that this works for you!

    7 months ago
  • CathyMurphy's Avatar

    Anti nausea med and immodium May help

    7 months ago
  • 2943's Avatar

    Call your oncologist and tell them what is going on. Have them give you meds that will not interfere with your treatment.

    7 months ago

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