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The most painful thing from this whole experience is from the internal radiation treatments (6 total)....this is an outpatient surgery and although the procedure is started with me under anesthesia to implant a sleeve into my cervix i am recovered to recieve the radiation probe which is unconfortable but tolerable for 15 minutes but after the treatment the probe,sleeve,then packing is removed without anesthesia,probe is painless coming out,sleeve is fairly painless,but the 6 feet of packing used to hold the sleeve in place is excrutiating(ive had 3 kids all natural and i would rather give birth again rather than this) its as some people might see as barbaric or horrendous....I say it should be illegal !!!!! Excrutiating pain to the most extreme as you could imagine....Thankfully it only lasts about 5 minutes then tapers off to nothing quickly but its something i truely dread and have had nightmares over....people have actually passed out from this painful part(There has to be a better pain management process for this part but obviously there isnt or at least the drs dont see the need...Im even thinking i could get ptsd from it...ive had two so far and 4 left which i dread...Worse than that the drs say it gets worse every time because the internal radiation causes the stenosis to worsen after each i said it should be illegal......but it is needed to get a precise shot on the tomor....PTSD s worth of pain i tell you.... but within 5 mins its all good except for the PTSD from it....

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