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Was diagnosed via a CAT Scan and Barium Xray

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    I have had GI problems for all my adult life: IBS, poor appetite, poor digestion, etc. Since I always had problems I never took note of any of the colon cancer symptoms. In Sept 2007 I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis and had frequent flare ups which put me in the hospital due to dehydration. In August 2011 I went to the hospital again and this time the ER doc had a CAT Scan done on me which showed a blockage in my tranverse colon near the splenic flexure. They wanted to do immediate surgery but I was scared and refused. At the time they made no mention of possible cancer. It was two days later when I had a Gastroenterologist see me that I was told the type of lesion I had (Apple Core lesion) is almost always cancer. I then decided to have the surgery. It was cancer. They removed 40cm of my colon and 20cm of my small intestine because the tumor went through my colon. I had zero positive lymph nodes, but I did not have clean margins on my small intestines. They initially diagnosed me with Stage IIIc but when I went to CTCA they changed it to Stage IIc.

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