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I went in for tumor removal June 2nd, 2011. All went well, surgery lasted 8 hrs. Makes for a long day for family. I also had an ileostomy which was reversable. I had nerve blocks in my back for the surgery, they do help alot for the pain. I hardly ever used the pain pump after surgery. I was up walking the next day. Having the ileostomy was a hard thing for me to adjust to, mentally as well as physically. I had alot of issues with the bag, even when visiting nurses put them on they would leak. My skin around the stoma was very irriatated. The leakage caused a whole in my skin about the size of your pinky finger around and as deep as your fingernail. This was the most painful part of the whole surgery. I had the ileostmy for 4 months. after tumor and 20 lymph nodes removed was down graded to stage 2C , my lymph nodes were cancer free, just a few were abnormal.

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    Hope you are doing well and I am so glad your ileostomy was reversible. I am newly diagnosed and praying that my ileostomy will eventually be reversed.

    The plan right now is for radiation/chemo to reduce the mass (approx. 4cm), surgery, and hopefully ileostomy reversal in 3-4 months, doctor says no guarantees. Your story gives me lots of hope - thank you for posting!

    Wishing you all the best and Happy Holidays!

    over 9 years ago

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