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Given my age (68) and clinical features of my tumor (small, 7mm) no lymph node involvement, and the low risk for recurrence, I am questioning the risk of side effects. I am seriously considering taking the chances on opting for quality of life rather than trying to extend my life by a few months but having a miserable quality of life, not to mention putting myself at risk for bone problems, heart problems, etc. I’m not fearful of death as much as having a life not worth living.

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    I am in a similar situation and have opted to do nothing. I had a lumpectomy on each breast. My score was 10 so no chemo was necessary. I couldnt have radiation because at 22 I had Hodgkin’s disease and was radiated then, which actually caused the breast cancer in each breast. Last week was my first mammogram after 1 year and showed “ no cancer in either breast”. I will have an MRI in 6 months and then alternate every 6 months between a mammogram and MRI. I can always change my mind. Good luck to you!

    5 months ago
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    What is your doctor's reasoning behind the recommendation to take an AI and why that particular one? Some people have no side effects, others go through all of the options of AIs and Tamoxifen before settling on one or none. If it's been a good discussion you should be able to be at peace with your decision. If not, time for more talk?

    5 months ago

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