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The diagnosis from the bone marrow biopsy was "Consistent With Multiple Myeloma." My Doctor says that's different from a diagnosis of "Multiple Myeloma". I think we're splitting a few hairs here.

So I'm in limbo for another 30days, until more tests are run. The waiting is the killer part. Then I have to decide between Chemotherapy and Radiation, VS. Oxycodone and Jack Daniels. Tough decision.

  • DJS's Avatar

    My doctor described my Multiple Myeloma the same way, but since I also had Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and the treatment was the same there was no point in pushing the issue. I did have more tests run -- a biopsy, for example -- but my husband and I were so sure that I wouldn't have cancer that there was no "killer waiting part." Well....we have been known to have been wrong before! At any rate, I'm on the other side of the diagnosis now, completely clear (R-CHOP, no radiation), so Oxycodone or Jack Daniels if/when needed, but whatever the results of the tests just know that for many of us it just becomes a memory. Good luck!

    over 6 years ago
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    I am wondering what the other tests are that the doctor wants to run. Usually a bone marrow biopsy is pretty definitive, but he/she may want to know further information in order to treat
    what your condition is most effectively. I am a six-year survivor and there are MANY drugs
    to choose from in the multiple myeloma battle arsenal. It also sounds like this may be an
    early diagnosis which is also good news.

    over 6 years ago
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    Not knowing your medical condition prior to diagnosis you might want to contact LLS-Leukemia,Lymphoma Society they give classes and of course ask questions of your doctor. My doctor had me to use chemotherapy they have some designed to target specific cells. I had chemotherapy to lower my M protein cell count then autologous stem cell transplant. You may want to check into clinical trials available. Being a part of clinical trial forces them to keep an eye on your medical condition for period of time. Although the Oxycodone and Jack Daniels sounds good:). You want to be aggressive in dealing with MM your if in fact that what it is. Waiting is not easy because it is the unknown. Just keep in mind once you know for sure have plan of action.

    over 6 years ago

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