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We have had horrible experiences with ALL of the doctors on Mom's case. First, her primary misdiagnosed the cancer as a distension of the colon. When the pain became too much to bear and Mom went to the ER, the attending doc said he was flabbergasted at the fact that her primary had not instantly recognized a rectal tumor.

My mom was hospitalized straight from the ER. Next came the first oncologist. He seemed very nice and very open at first--answered most of our questions--but we were left in the hospital after the initial diagnosis for over 24 hours with no contact with any doctor and no information whatsoever about what was going on. When this guy finally did show up (she was hospitalized Tuesday a.m., he appeared Thursday night), he told us that her treatment could not start until the following Monday because "oncologists work banker's hours, and no one works on Friday or the weekend."
When she finally DID start treatment (not that Monday, but more than 3 weeks later due to scheduling errors and lack of return contact from the doctors), the oncologist told her almost nothing as far as "game plan". Mom was unsure who she was supposed to see about medication for pain, so she (apparently in error) went to her radiologist. This upset the oncologist, who basically "forbade" her to speak to anyone but him about her meds. She was constantly belittled and scolded by the oncologist's nurses.

Eventually, she requested another oncologist (with the help of my sister--Mom was/is unemployed, has no car, and does not advocate for herself as well as she does for others). This one strolled in and said (and I am not exaggerating, these were his words):
"The tumor in your colon isn't what's going to kill you. The lesions on your liver are what will kill you."

My sister, ever the advocate (I unfortunately live an hour away and am dealing with the guilt of that, but that's another story) requested a meeting with the oncologist and the clinic administrator. Apparently the new onco is famous for his horrid bedside manner, so we weren't the only ones who've dealt with his general XXX-ish-ness. He's still rubbish at human interaction but he does see my mom when she requests it and tries to keep her informed (after we had a note put specifically in her chart to always keep her and her daughters informed).

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