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I did a clinical trial for Neusea when in recovery after surgery. I never had a problem with nausea, but I dd volunteer for it. Wouldn't you know when getting to recovery after surgery I was very nauseous and ended up particapating in the trial. I had my blood drawn over several hours and an ekg done. I also have to go back monday for a follow up appointment. They must not get many volunteers for this trail because i was thanks several times and one on the anastesialogist told me i was her hero for doing this. I'm glad I could help, although I don't know if I got the medicine they were studing or something else.

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    I told my anesthesiologist about previous experience (1977) with nausea after anesthesia. She gave me a double of medication for that during surgery. I had no nausea at all in recovery. My fist time trying to stand, I did okay for a minute, then instant hot flash, nausea and vomited. I had just eaten, so think that contributed. Lime jello not good the second time around!

    about 6 years ago

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