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I have pre-surgery (8/13) and surgery on (8/20) booked at St. Elizabeths (brighton, ma) with Dr. Steller (gyn/oncologist). I received a phone call this morning from my gyn Dr. Parikh stating that Good Samartian Hospital (brockton) stating that the hospital has the robotic machine use for my surgery and is has been in use for 2 weeks. So since Dr. Steller has privlages for Good Samartian they want to see if he will do the surgery in Brockton, but the date and time might change. I want to scream.. The 8/13 and the 8/20 work for me, my husband already has the days off, my family already made arrangements. Also my husband is leaving on 8/27 and will not be back until 9/1. I just not need the additional stress of now waiting all over again. Dr. Parikh said if I don't hear from him by Thursday then nothing will change, now I am waiting yet again ..... I REALLY DON'T WANT THE DATES TO CHANGE.

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    Thank God, I called Dr. Stellar's office and they reassured me that my surgery will not change...... What a relief, I am so glad I called.

    about 8 years ago
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    Dexter, Are you having the robotic surgery? That's great that you don't have to change your date. We can use all the certainty we can get!

    about 8 years ago

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