Breast reconstruction after chemo - DianaL

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Well, I have officially finished with chemo on November 8, 2012. Will be glad to feel better (get very fatigued), and to start seeing my hair to start coming back! I met with my plastic surgeon and he plans for reconstruction on February 15, 2012!
It will depend on my next visit to the oncologist to see if all my blood counts have come back up-- very anemic. I will finally have these baseballse removed from under my arms, expanders put in, Alloderm used on each side to form the pocket to hold the expanders and eventually the implants. He says my skin is too thin. Once he puts the expanders behind the muscle he will take tissue from my back to make them look more real. Supposedly I will be very sore but able to return to work in a week! Then we have three months or longer to fill them. I guess with cancer nothing goes fast, but at least steady. By the time I finials with this phase it will have been over a year from my first surgery. Life is good--I am here to tell about this and have had a wonderful medical team, support from my family, friends and the best co-worker family ever! I have been blessed on this journey to meet some wonderful people along the way that have been so encouraging!

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