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    Well, I started breast reconstruction on February 15th. My PS put in tissue expanders and now my scar is only as wide as a pencil point instead of 3 inches. I am glad I started this at 66 just so I don't have to see the awful scar anymore. That being said this surgery was much more painful than my bilateral mastectomy!
    Stayed in the hospital overnight and in about a week I felt good. The PS completed my fills over the next four weeks and then began the waiting game. I saw him again in April and still had not stretched enough. I saw him again the end of June and I was ready for TE exchange on July 18th. This surgery was a piece of cake compared to the first. He did lyposuction the extra tissue that had been left from the bilateral mastectomy. I still have skin under my arms but the baseballs are gone. I have one more surgery to remove the skin flaps and for him to create nipples. I will have to wait until November or December for that one. I am so glad I did this for me and that my DH of 46 years backed me all the way!

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