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Constant hot and cold flashes. Never ran a fever though.

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    I am an esophageal cancer stage III survivor of 17 years. We created the Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation www.fightec.org in part to help patients with their journey through this disease.
    We have co-authored a book called 100 Questions and Answers about Esophageal Cancer published by Jones and Bartlett and you can get at any book store.
    We have also published a book called Esophagectomy Post Surgical Guide Questions & Answers published by Authorhouse that you can get at any bookstore or on our web site www.fightec.org
    We have support groups that meet by conference call on a monthly basis. Patients calling in with quality of life questions and hearing how other patients have handled a specific issue. We also have a support group for patients who have experienced a recurrence. Go to www.fightec.org and click on services to get more information.
    We also have a 24 hour hotline to help with quality of life questions as well. We have a You Tube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDkh7_H9BOnNASdmG4pdF0g . If you subscribe to this channel, you will receive notice each time we add a video about esophageal cancer to it.
    Good luck

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