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The initial surgery went well (took out about a foot of my colon & did a full hysterectomy), it ended up taking almost 7 hrs because there was a lot of scar tissue. They reversed my colostomy but gave me a (temp) ileostomy so everything could heal. But the 3rd day after surgery I perforated my bowel & was rushed back in to surgery where they found a pin-sized hole that was missed (they closed up about 25 during surgery) & reinforced a few other areas. I woke up on a vent in ICU a few days later. They took me off the vent & my lungs filled with fluid so I ended up on a Bipap machine for a few days along with tons of other treatments & drugs, but fought my way out & was released from ICU after a week. I was then transferred to a rehabilitation hospital to begin physical therapy. So I was in the hospital for over a month & when I went in initially we were planning on 4 days to a week tops!

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    Wow. That’s a lot to deal with. You’re a helluva a lot tougher than me. Good luck with recovery and treatments.

    10 months ago

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