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Celebration Associated with Ovarian and Fallopian Tube Cancer. Posted on September 7, 2012 View this journey (25 Experiences)

My blood lab ovarian predictabilty test came back as 17 last week. That test is called CA 125. In March post cancer surgery, it was 350. The goal is <20 meaning that there is a strong possiibility that my ovarian cancer cells are missing from my abdomen. I am celebrating and hope the numbers remain low. A CT scan on October 11, 2012, Last chemo round was 9/25/12. That is a better test to see if there
are any cancel cells present in my body as of that time. I realize
that ovarian cancer is hard to control and that I will be seen by female
cancer surgeon for the rest of my lifte every 3 months. God is good; my side effects from chemo are minimal and I am learning how to deal with each of them as they happen. Second CT Scan was 2/19/13. Still in remission; Will see oncologist this Friday and cancer surgeon next week. Looking forward tocontinued good blood work.

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