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Celebration Associated with Ovarian and Fallopian Tube Cancer. Posted on September 29, 2012 View this journey (25 Experiences)

CA125 is currently at 11. This is a predictibility blood marker. True test will be in results of
CT scan on 10/11.

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    October CT Scan came back with no sight of cancer. 6/14/13 UPDATE: Praise to God! I am asking God to heal me (keep me in remission) ! know God is the ultimate Healer! Working on eating healthier - more fresh food, stay away from processed, and keep reading to learn how to "keep on a keepin' on." Working on getting sugar more in control. (Diabetes) Hope to start doing more exercise. Like to plant flowers. Celebrating "Father's Day" with my daughter and Mr. Will. Waiting to have more visits from those precious great grandchildren or have a play date with my Braxton (4). He is refreshing to listen to. He has such a vocabulary. I work on finding new words for him. Our new project is to find all of the animals outside. He is quite taken by all of the interesting things outside and even inside my home. I have started driving again; had missed my independence.

    over 7 years ago

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