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The last Ovarian Cancer CA 125 showed a significant drop in my numbers. I have had to take a 5 week break due to blood count drops. Oncologist said that there were many women who had trouble with Chemo on Day. Therefore, the decision was to lower the dose. Today I have an ear infection. It may be related to dropping WBC. I will be contacting my ENT or Primary Care MD and contacting Oncologist's Nurse.

  • sunmoonie's Avatar

    Yaay for the drop in your CA125!! Now just to get those pesky blood counts back up!

    over 6 years ago
  • kalindria's Avatar

    Congratulations on the lower CA 125 count! That's great news! I had a few times I missed chemo due to low white counts too - it happens and it didn't make any difference in my ultimate remission. Stay strong and you'll get there too.

    over 6 years ago

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