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Neuropathy (chemo induced peripheral Neupathay) on feet and hands. Taking Neurotin (200mg) at night for nerve pain. Take 50 mg of Lamictal in afternoon. Use Biofreeze to rub on feet plus tons petroleum jelly - put on socks. Also put varorizing rub on my feet, too. (Keep skin moist as skin will split.) Cryoderm is good for feet, too. Neuropatthy
in hands continue to lessen.

due to drying out of skin from chemo. Soak feet in warm water and vinegar.

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    Neuropathy has just about left my hands completely - able to start "touch typing" again. Believe my feet are getting slightly better as I can feel the bottom of my feet when I touch them as well as the top of my feet. Toes are not cold anymore. Toe nails on the corners tend to be sharp and cut into my skin. Podiatrist says that it has been found that Vitamin B complex helps with Neuropathy. Anyone has heard of this or any other remedy.

    over 7 years ago

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