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Oh No Associated with Clear Cell, Ovarian or Fallopian Tube Cancer. Posted on February 11, 2019 View this journey (5 Experiences)

After 5 years my cancer ovarian cancer has returned and spread to my colon - I'm having surgery 2/20/19 and I have the attitude of what will be will be but my psychiatrist says that I am in denial and my therapist agrees. I guess they expect me to be weeping and wailing but really I have lived they life i wanted and have no regrets if the "incredibly difficult" operation (10 hours or more) goes wrong. I wonder if anyone else has support people who are trying to force you to be upset - One doctor said that 5 years was a good run before the cancer came back, so really I've been lucky and I only have mild pain and bleeding. So, I say let life flow and I'm not going to worry no matter what the Psych people say!

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