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He was stabilized and transported to emergny. Hospital surgeon operated and removed ad much of tumor as possible to relieve pressure on spinal cord as well as. A third vertebrae was found to be fractured. The back of his neck was stabilized with internal wires and he was placed in a neck brace. It took about a week for the swelling from surgery to diminish so my friend could begin to move his hands on his own. However, two days after the first surgery it was brought to our attention that a brake in the right leg femur had been missed. So my friend had to have surgery once more to have a rod put in his thigh to stabilize the broken bone to heal and hopefully prevent any future brakes. So in the end to recover from this ordeal we spent 5 weeks in hospital and another 5 weeks in rehab. I'm happy to say he is up and walking with the aid of a walker and was getting stronger.

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