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I was 26vyears old and my gyno did a pap smear and said he found pre cancerous cells in my cervics and asked if i wanted to have a hystorectomy or try and freeze the cells i went with freezing the cells but the next year for my next pap i knew something was wrong i was sick at my stomach a lot looding weight mole on my leg started changing shape and color and i woke up one morn and the whole king sized bed was covered in blood and i had 5 blood clits the size of a 8 pound baby head i went to the er and they gave me something to slow the bleeding down plus i put ice packsvon my lower abdomen helped a little bit but it was so hard to get my pap done do to i would go a whole month bleeding using 100 count over night pads plus thick beach towles doc told me the 1 day i wasnt bleeding for me to call him and he gave me his phone number and i did he took the pap and did a biopsy it took a month to get it back and came back with stage 3 cancer had full hysterectomy by c-section and every since im always worried that cancer going to come back and its been 17 years my husband says im a hypercondriact its not like i had chemo and everything but my cousin which passed away with cancer in 06 went through the same thing i did and she got cancer again and oassed away at 54 years old will i get cancer again she had the same issues im going through right now with the stomach problems and always getting sick also does this make me a hypercondriact

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