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Ihad 6 R-CHOP chemo therapy treatments with Zameta and Naulasta. Side Effects (Low white blood cell counts (neutropenia)): Remember every one is different. I did not expect any side effects just because some one else had it -just accepted what came and kept going. It could have been so much worse so I am very thankful. Some of the side effects were Hair loss, pain, nausea, low white blood cell count, fatigue, constipation, taste changes, stomach pain, thinking changes, cough, Shortness of breath, fatigue, flu like symptoms. Don't let the side effects scare you because the disease is so much worse. Your attitude has the biggest impact on your recovery I believe. I live alone and keep doing all my daily things-maybe sometimes slower but I did them. Still did my own shopping and found time to go places and enjoy life on the some better days- not just survive. I did not want to be dependent and lose my muscle after treatment "don't use it - lose it". I kept active with games on line and mental stimulation even though at times I had "chemo brain" a little problems with the thinking process. That has all cleared up now. I did need to get a pacemaker and had some healing problems after having a tooth pulled due to the Zameta. But I am here- I have enjoyed the 2 years since with my children, grandchildren, friends and my co-workers ( I am a nurse)-God still has purpose.

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