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One of the first times I hung out with Mark, we talked all night. He confided in me that he had had a run of bad luck in the past. When he was 20, he was diagnosed with colon cancer. When it was all said and done, he had had surgery to remove almost all of his colon. He is living today with the bare minimum you can without a colostomy bag. He still to this day is very self-conscious about the scar on his abdomen. To top it off, when he was 22 he suffered from a brain aneurysm brought on my stress. If it wouldn't have hemorrhaged on his own, he would have died. Due to this, Mark can't take certain medications and suffers from migraines.

In November, I started noticing Mark becoming distant. He started calling every other day instead of every day- he seemed crabby and agitated. It was around Thanksgiving that he told me he was feeling the way he had felt when he got sick the first time, and that he had made a doctor's appointment to confirm what he already knew. It was back. I immediately went into denial. He was going to be okay because he had to be, right?

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