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Oh No Associated with Hodgkin Disease. Posted on September 7, 2012 View this journey (9 Experiences)

I was alone sitting in my hospital room, sad because I couldn't be with my newborn because of the Pet Scan I had gotten done the day before (Had to wait two days to be with her because they had injected a radioactive material into my blood stream for the study and you can not be around babies, toddlers or children.) A doctor walks in and tells me they had biopsied the mass and they found out if was cancer... Told me it was Stage 3 Hodgkin Lymphoma, I had no reaction. ALL i wanted to know was how can I fight this off and if I had a chance to live. All I had in mind was will I be there to raise my beautiful daughter! It sucked that I was sitting there all by myself... A heads up that I was going to get my results would of been nice, But at the same time I was glad I was alone... I Was able to be STRONG for MYSELF without the help of anyone else.. Besides later on when my mother found out she took it harder then I did!

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