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BC instead of Covid?

  • MarcieB's Avatar

    Oh, gosh, were you thinking you might have had Covid when you went for tests? No one wants to hear either diagnosis, but now that it's *out there* you can go forward and make your treatment plans. Everyone here can relate to the shock of hearing the news, but there is so much that can be done, and so many more options than there used to be. Please feel free to come here and ask us anything, this is a very sharing and helpful group, we are your cheerleaders.

    3 months ago
  • EmpathAgain's Avatar

    Wow, sorry to hear that! When I found out I had stage 4 BC, I had gone to the ER for something far more mundane than cancer. And that it was that advanced hen I thought my problem was something else completely? Ugh, what a nightmare that day was!

    But Marcia is right, on this site we all at least know that terrible feeling that seems to take over everything else at that moment. A cancer diagnosis is always scary at first, but, yes,, there are plenty of us on here who can at least answer questions or provide emotional support for you, based on experience, which helps a lot.

    3 months ago
  • legaljen1969's Avatar

    Euphorbia, that dang diagnosis!! Ugh it definitely stinks to get news that we were not at all expecting. I hope you find a great and supportive care team who gets you through these treacherous times with as little trauma as possible. Please come back and keep us posted. We are definitely an understanding group with lots of folks to cheer you on.

    3 months ago

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