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Hello everyone. Just joined this forum; posted my experience and now believe that the initial diagnosis of "Gastric Tissue with Invasive Adenocarcinoma, Moderately Differentiated, Intestinal Metaplasia" has finally sunk in with how serious this cancer is for me, and others who also have been diagnosed. Have been to several doctors, completed a number of scans including CTs, PET-scan, ultrasound, lab work-up of blood and stool studies, and an endoscopy with ultrasound, and each visit has produced a XXX of paper reports, images and I have kept a journal, and copies of the findings, lab work, diagnoses, recommendations, scans, x-rays, etc. Am allergic to donnatol, phenobarbital, darvon, penicillin, tetnus, alcohol, fleas, bee stings, mites, pollen, dust particles, wool. rabbit fur, peanuts, soy and powders used in latex and vinyl gloves. Am scheduled to see an oncologist this coming week, and have prepared a list of 65 questions to query of the oncologist. This website has been VERY helpful to me, in that I have read about the symptoms and treatments that others with this similar diagnosis have undergone, or for which they are currently being treated. Thank you for the information that each of you has posted. Feeling a lot less "alone" now. Can only eat a few teaspoons (and sometimes) a tablespoon full of anything at this time as the gas, bloating, distress and discomfort that follows when I do eat -- and even when I do not eat -- result in the same effects. The challenge with the acid reflux, the pain and the discomfort for hours afterward (when I do eat), makes even an idea of food ever so much less appealing to put anything except water or apple juice and ice that I will suck on, or an occasional frozen fruit ice in my mouth. My doctors have prescribed the following medications: citalopram HBR, 10 mgs (for anxiety and mild depression); pantoprazole SOD 40 mgs (to protect my stomach); and oxycodon-acetamin open 5-325 (for severe stomach pain, but which I now refuse to take after an initial dose which made me vomit after about 45 minutes, as well as stomach cramps and constipation for 3 days!) Amazingly, my nearly forgotten habit of warm tea (camomile) and meditation for 20 minutes does help with the pain. Sleeping for me is no problem at all, since I am still working full time -- yes, in a very demanding, high-stress environment, but believe me, since my diagnosis, I am not too anxious to stay home and "think" about or conduct the on-going "research" of my condition, so am grateful for the daily grind of distraction (for now), as I know that is probably coming to an end very soon. As I started to say, I am sleeping well because frankly, after a day at my office, I am so exhausted, that I just crawl into bed when I get home, and fall into a sleep that I wish I could enjoy forever. Because I have not yet consulted with my oncologist, I have no real questions, at this time, but thought that I would post this information for anyone else who may be experiencing a similar set of results with this type of cancer.

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