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I had been greatly concerned that I had been unable to cry or, for that matter, experience much emotion after the initial diagnosis of my stomach cancer on July 23. It occurred to me that perhaps I had inhaled and held onto the shock of the diagnosis deep into my chest or throat, and that was the reason that I had been feeling so much pressure, distress and pain, which I would question and think too, that it must be "gas" that was trapped and unable to work its way out of my upper body. As the massage therapist worked very, very gently on the tender connections of nerves and muscle along my spine, she very, very gently, manipulated the areas, and then rocked me like a mother would a hurting infant, on her lap. I became aware of a swelling in my throat, and a growing urge from my neck and shoulders, and a release of sobs -- deep gut sobs from my belly and across my chest, and out of my throat and my jaw felt as if it might explode, and the therapist (thank heavens I had told her that I had been recently diagnosed with stomach cancer), asked me very quietly, if I wanted her to stop, and I answered, "No, please." After about 10 minutes or so, the sobs melted into a soft crying/weeping spell and I then became keenly aware of the breath that I had sucked in and held onto for more than a month, following the doctor's diagnosis, and that the "gas" that I had thought was trapped, was nearly gone. I intend to go for another massage session in about a week.

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