My Texas Condo Mysteriously Got a BUYER within 1 week and NOT on MLS! - EveryDayFriend

Celebration Associated with Allergic Asthma. Posted on July 16, 2014 View this journey (9 Experiences)

It made no sense! I posted a YouTube movie on my place being for sale, but no MLS listing completed. A buyer came to me within a week's time! I considered this a "God Thing." I made arrangements to say "goodbye" to Texas forever, even tho' I love it! My truth: the Wild Cedar's pollen hits December - March. This is the optimal time to LIVE in Texas! But I could never survive. Selling my beloved seaside condo was mandatory. I can't believe I got the satisfaction of selling my condo at asking-price in a "soft market" to an owner who, I know, would love the place as much as I did...

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