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After the second chemo session of the second cycle, out came the flannel shirt and blanket. Dad had this last time also. No fever. He just feels very cold, and it lasts a few hours a day.

At this time, fatigue is also an increasing problem. He can exert himself for a short time, then becomes very tired and has to sit down. So, there is a decreasing mobility. He is still on chemotherapy, three weeks on-- one week off. Gemzar/gemcitabine.

  • nobrand's Avatar

    Brrr! I get so cold sometimes too. I get great comfort from a cotton knit cap on my skull and fuzzy blankets! On a bad day, it's like I'm creating a nest. The weather has been getting cooler out too, need to fortify an arsenal of hot tea and sweaters!

    I also have this awesome pillowy thing you can heat up in the microwave.. it's full of beans or something. That thing can really help in a pinch. It also helps soothe any strange pains that pop up, i.e. that one on the left side.

    All this talk has me in a frenzy.. I think I'm going to go and huddle under some blankets now ^^

    about 8 years ago
  • mamasdaughter's Avatar

    Sounds like the same symptoms Mom had. Her doc said if you need to rest, rest, but NO sleeping all day! lol I told her the tables were turned. Now it's me telling her not to sleep til noon!! Hahaha!! And nobrand, that bean pillow sounds wonderful! Where can I get one of those?!

    about 8 years ago

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