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Side Effects Associated with Small Cell, Lung Cancer. Posted on October 11, 2011 View this journey (8 Experiences)

After first treatment beginning to lose hair after two weeks and anemic. Pain in left arm/shoulder; but cancer in right lung. More tired.
21 days later received IV of both drugs. Came home to take Etoposide pills for two days and shot for White Blood Cells on third day. Still eating often, but like a bird. Very, very weak and dizzy. Using walker to get around due to falling twice. I see that the thought pattern is fuzzy. After 3 days of falling down, dizzy,sleeping and pain in ankles; he is moving around and pain has eased. Dr. does not want to give anything for pain due to wanting to save narcotics for future. Does not want to become immune to pain meds. After 4 treatments. No pain. Appetite picking up. Ensure helped to maintain weight. Very little dizziness but very weak. Sleeps a lot. Staying awake and "walking" a lot more. Looks stronger overall.

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