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hello, my biopsy came back and we were told the cancer is back. This doesn't seem real. Considering we started watching this in May...and I had finished Radiation in September 2018. CT and Biopsies taken this May and September. The first biopsy ..requested repeat, the sample was not good but the CT did not show anything unusual. This last CT and Biopsy...Biopsy came back with adenoid cystic carcinoma and the CT came up with...nothing(again). So now my Dr has scheduled me for surgery on 01 Nov. I have a MRI of the brain this Thursday, and a full body PET SCAN on Friday. The plan is to have the tumor resected and a right neck dissection. And in the same surgery to have reconstruction surgery with a scapular tip flap, forarm flap and graft as needed. They mentioned a trach and ng which I am really nervous about. So, I am expecting a call back because when I went to see my surgeon I wasn't expecting to hear all that so of course I have lots of questions now that I did not ask when I was in the office. It's weird because the tumor is right beside the original tumor site. So he will be removing most of my hard palate and some of the soft palate. I still have 2 small fistulas from the original tumor removal. Instead of having to get an obturator again, he is going to do the reconstruction in the same surgery.
well...that's about it. Hope you all are having a great day. ( I am curious.. how common is having tumor recurrence within a year...especially after having surgery and radiation? ) I really pray I do not have any other tumors. I will find out once the scans are done.

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    I was originally diagnosed in May 2014. I went through radiation treatments & was doing well until Sep 2015. The cancer had returned. I had a radical neck dissection with a flap. I was also originally told that I had an aggresive form of throat cancer. Mine was at the tonsil site. I hope all goes well for you!

    over 1 year ago

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