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1st diagnosed with colonrectal cancer in 2010 & having 16" of colon removed followed by radiation then chemo from Dec. 2010 thru August 2011 and finally another PET scan in Sept. or early Oct. it was discovered my brother still had a tumor in the rectum that didn't respond to treatment at all. He had 2 options ... nothing or more surgery. While he didn't want the surgery he choose to go ahead because of his 3 granddaughters who are quite young. The surgery & colostomy were done in Nov. 2011. Since then it's been rough with 1 thing after the other and continuous ups and downs in recovery he is still unable to drive or barely walk with use of a walker & has home health 3 times a week for wound care. Due to problems urinating frequently, then developing what they 1st thought was a bladder infection that thankfully home health contacted one of his doctors & had a culture done which turned out to be a MRSA infection and the need for a cath to be put back in. He was retaining a very large amount of urine & was just on the verge of kidney failure. Being unable to insert it in their office the procedure was done immediately in the hospital & a extreme amount of resistence was met. Because of this a tissue sample was taken & more cancer was discovered, now in the uretha. Chemo is just starting again & he has been told that he shouldn't live alone because of the side effects, which include nausea, diarreha and weakness. He has begun having problems within the last 4 weeks lifting his leg & walking making it a necessity to use his walker & a chair at times. With all that being said as a sibling I'm concerned about him being able to take care of himself once the side effects with the problems he is already having. Does anyone know of any home care resources that are available to people alone, living on disability & having medicare & a BCBS supplemental insurance. I just don't know what to do for him. I take him to all his doctors appointments but I can't be there all the time. If anyone has any advice we'd appreciate your input.

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