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So the great thing about my first chemo treatment on 4/10/12 is that it was done in the hospital. I was released on 4/11/12. I seemed to feel better as the days went by, but by 4/15/12 things took a drastic turn for the worst. I couldn't control my nausea anymore with the Compazine, I couldn't get comfortable in bed no matter how I layed down, I had extreme thirst that nothing; and I mean nothing could quench and worst of all my heart was racing a thousand miles a minute. My girlfriend took me back to the emergency room on 4/16/12 and I was admitted and moved to the ICU on 4/17/12 with accute renal failure. The diagnosis was Tumor Lysis Syndrome (TLS). Among the slew of drugs that were given (none worked), I received emergency dialysis on 4/18/12. After 5 weeks in the hospital I was released on 5/19/12 with 46% kidney function (determined after a 24 hour urine analysis). When I was admitted on 4/17/12, my creatnine level (measure of the kidney function) was 8.1 (normal creatnine is 0.6 to 1.4). As of 5/23/12 my creatnine level is steady at 2.2. I was prescribed a daily dose of Allipurinol 200mg to keep the levels of uric acid under control (caused by the lysing/dying of the tumors).

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