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Oh No Associated with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma . Posted on May 27, 2012 View this journey (6 Experiences)

With the faith and confidence lost in my first oncologist my girlfriend made an appointment to see a new oncologist and Oh No doesn't begin to describe my fears. This oncologist came highly recommended from a 6 year Lymphoma survivor friend of hers. This new doc is skeptical of the diagnosis (based on how it was done) and is curious as to why I was not prepared for chemo the first-time given my extensive tumor load. Now my fears are that I have been diagnosed with the wrong form of lymphoma. I was tested for a slew of possibilities (HIV, HHV8, EBV, h. Pylori) which are all negative. Now The new doc wants a new CT (to see if chemo is working) and biopsy to test for Burkitt's (first one done on 4/10/12 was negative). My entire tumor load is in my abdominal cavity (specifically the omentum) which is presenting as Body-Cavity Lymphoma (google it) hence the HIV, HHV8, EBV tests. I have been tested twice by two different labs for the HIV, HHV8 and EBV and both are negative. Now what? I am praying it's not Burkitt's. My next chemo with the new doc is scheduled for 5/30/12 so is the CT. Stay tuned....

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