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My oncologist determined that I would need at least 8 rounds of R-CHOP to be administered over the course of six months at intervals of 3 weeks. My first I received on 4/10/12 and the second was delayed due to impaired kidney function; but was administered on 5/7/12. For the second round of chemo, my girlfriend turned into a "monster" in a good sense and made certain I was given all the necessary meds to prevent the reactions I had on the first. Here's the catch. I saw my oncologist on 5/5/12 while in the hospital for the renal failure and I haven't seen him since. He is unreachable according to his office staff. I can understand that everyone needs a vacation, but at least put me in-touch with another oncologist in the group (there are 6) to follow through on therapy. According to the staff at the office, the doctor has no available appointments until 6/11/12. That is 2 weeks past the intervals he has recommended. I have lost faith in this oncologist after the train wreck to my kidneys and now he has "disappeared" for 2 weeks.

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