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1st round of chimo and radiation in April/May 2017.clear in August 10 -2017 back to work December 6 -2017 is fallow up with bad news reaccured: start again with all the appointments and all radiology test and yes prep for surgery February 2018 ,hospital 2 weeks when home 5 of March back in hospital infection took over same place were radiation surgery occurred after all you going to imbrace now you have a peg/ feeding tube end of june pain started radiology test again confirmed that reaccured again now what ok radioOngologist refer to Protone terapy and chimo, 3 weeks in to the terapy infection is back again now we are in middle of October 2 weeks in Hospital wit infection again and fistula eruption on the out side of is Neck heald by packing up the hole and by Dicember we comparing the results ofCT scanned in November to the August one "test shows the shrinking of 1cm" so we did enjoy the Holidays and family time but 25th of January ct scanned show the regrout so 2 cicle of chemo was on our plan =8 weeks, 2 weeks in low blood pressure send us back urgent care hospitalized 12days in ICU 8 days in regular floor sending us home with Hospice and on Hydromorphone with very bad had to be taking into hospice facility for regulate the medication after a week whent Home and living one day at time.and pray to God for one more day.
There is nothing left todo because the cancer is radicated around the carotid artery witch is very dangerous.

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