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I don;t have a specific diagnosis as of yet. In fact, cancer has not been DEFINITELY diagosed, but looks quite likely. Recent CTscan shows suspicious spots, but point of origin not able to be identified. An ultrasound showed many enlarged lymph nodes in groin. Having biopsy of groin nodes done this week and then go from there as to pinpointing things. I am overwhelmed with all the different processes that are looming..how to make the best choices of dr/treatments, etc.

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    Well the biopsy results took a week and a half to come back because they were sent to Mayo Clinic for further review. It's looking like a GYN malignancy, but not clear yet if uterine or ovarian, as the origin. Clear cell. But it has spread into lymph nodes and lungs a bit, so they said I need to start chemo next week to get the systemic invasion(my word) halted and shrink down the main stuff(my word again..lol) . Dr is trying to arrange for me to see a GYN Oncologist tomorrow.

    I don;t know if having lived with the possibility of this for a couple of weeks has made me numb or just let it sink in so when I heard definitively that it is the big C I was much more calm than I would ever have imagined. Or God is answering my prayers to be strong and face whatever comes. Now my big challenge is to tell my grown kids who live in another state..they both have issues going on in their own lives..how do I spring this on them??

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