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Just found out I have colon cancer of the sigmoid colon. Don't know anything more. I am scared to death. I knew there was something not right with me, my body was telling me something wasn't right. Took for ever ( 2 months ) to have a colorology. Told me that day that I need Surgery to remove. Know things are moving a little faster. So over whelming. Told my close family on Easter, and everything starts in 2 weeks. CT scans, MRI, Ultrasounds. These will tell me if the cancer has spread to other parts of my body and if it has attached to my wall. The waiting to know if so stressful. I am so scared. I feel it has progressed as I have a cyst that I can feel near the upper part of my rib cage, which never was there before until I had divertolis. So I go for all these tests and then Chemo. Will have 2 doctors from enology and a nurse to help with all my appointments and questions and just help. Just makes me scared more. My family that I have told are supporting me. My biggest help comes from my daughter in-law. I am afraid about my husband. Not sure how he is taking this. He is not much for talking or showing him self. When I was looking at wigs, he said why? I said because I might lose my hair during Chemo treatments and he said oh! I guess maybe if he doesn't say it out loud it won't be as bad.

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    BREATHE!! You really don't know that much at this point. First find out what stage you are and go from there. You may or may not get surgery. Everything will depend on weather the cancer has spread ( if it even has). My husband has been on chemo over a year and he still has his hair. So my best advice is , find out where you are at, get a second opinion ( at a different hospital ). Make sure you are comfortable with the DR who handles your case. We moved over a thousand miles to a major cancer center and I would do it again in a minute. I understand not everyone can do that though. This is a journey, surround yourself with the best people. Best wishes and breathe

    6 months ago
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    Stop and breathe, calm down, and take this one day at a time! I am a stage 4 colon cancer survivor, and if I can do it, so can you! I understand your fear, but please try and stay as positive as you can. There is no use worrying about the tests, because after the oncologists know the results, they will prepare a plan of battle. I was told, and it proved true, that patients on colon cancer chemo don't usually lose their hair. I think that was my biggest fear as a woman! Chemo side effects can be treated during infusion with steroids and anti-nausea drugs, so if you do face chemo, I found that it really wasn't as bad as I expected. The major problem I remember was being very tired. So, I slept when I needed to. I was also dealing with an ostomy pouch for 18 months until I was 'reconstructed' and colon reconnected. Not fun, but a necessary inconvenience that was part of saving my life. I am happy that you have the help of your daughter in-law. Don't be afraid to ask for and accept help from anyone who offers. Your husband probably is in shock right now too, and will offer his love and support as he accepts the changes in your lives. The last advice I can offer is that if you are a religious person, PRAY, and have other pray for your healing. I believe that prayer is powerful, and that it helped me live. I will pray for you for sure, and wish you the best for a complete recovery!

    6 months ago
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    Dear Gizz.... I am so sorry to listen to your new diagnosis, but please believe me you can handle that. I am a colon cancer stage IV B survivor. I was diagnosed late in 2012 and still here and under remission. So please believe, be faithful and fight with all your strength. When I was diagnosed I was also afraid of surgeries but believe it was an extremely great feeling to know after each surgery that they could take tumors out of my body... so go for surgery if you need...go for chemo if you need.... the important thing is ¨you can do it¨.....count on us if we can be of any help . Many blessings and strength for you

    6 months ago

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