Oh No - Glenda

Oh No Associated with Lung Cancer. Posted on November 12, 2011 View this journey (11 Experiences)

Squamous cell lung cancer! Have no clue what this was then in June 2011 or now. My spouse went to doctor for a hacking cough. Sent for xray, then Cscan. Then to another doctor. She did biopsy. A week later she said inoperable lung cancer. And this is when I went brain dead. My spouse and I was in this room just with her, She very bluntly said this. Then she set up a pet scan, and sent us to another doctor. AT a Radiation place she said. The pet scan was done about two weeks later, About two more weeks we had the appointment with the Radiation Clinic. The First doctor was a chemo doctor, then a week later a radiation doctor.
We were in MO for a job that he was doing. We knew no one there. He told his boss, then in August he was laid off. We knew they meant terminated. We knew it had nothing to with economy. Other people was still working for this company with less senority. When he got laid off we had not insurance. We needed to do something but we did not know what?

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