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Had the DNA gene test two years ago so I wasn't concerned about the results of my tests. When the doctor called me I was shocked to learn that I was cancer positive.

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    i too was diagnosed a month ago yesterday and I said OH NO. its the waiting that drives me crazy. i have had lumpectomy and today i find out when chemo will start. oncologist suggested chemo because i'm so young (47). i have to laugh at that one. i dont know what you are going thru since you had DNA TEST and it was negative or what kind of breast cancer you have. I WISH YOU THE BEST AND YOU CAN GET THRU THIS.

    almost 10 years ago
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    I have my surgery on Thursday a Bilateral Masectomy. They told me that same thing about chemo (I'm 46) that becasue I was young, it would help stop it from coming back. The only good thing about the DNA test was that it helped Insurance paperwork flow easier because even though it came back negative they believe that it gentically related (back history on both sides). I have invasive stage 1. Caught it myself, it wasn't even on the mammogram.

    Thanks for the support and stay in touch. By the way when do you start chemo?

    almost 10 years ago

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