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My numbers have been in the "normal" range now for several months, which means my cancer has shrunk. Since I am experiencing some neuropathy in my feet, the doctor decided to put me on maintenance mode to hopefully reduce the side effects. So now I get chemo only every other week. Also, due to a recent clinical trial, my Velcade is now administered as a small shot into my abdominal fat (like an insulin shot). It's all good! This is my new "normal" for probably the rest of my life.

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    Way to go! Near remission is great, and there are all kinds of options, plus some new drugs coming. I was glad for the subcutaneous administration of Velcade, too, that was less impactive, but I still couldn't manage very much of it. I'm glad it's working for you.
    I've been at it for 8 years, and am now on cyclophosphomide and dexamathasone. It's working great!
    Best wishes.

    about 6 years ago

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