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After about 3 years, I began having pain in my left breast. Now it was in the middle of 2006. I went to my oncologist. They ran tests. More tests. More tests. My oncologist just shook his head and said, "I feel as if I am missing something but I just don't know what else to do for the pain in your left breast". They sent me for a bilateral breast MRI. Nothing showed up. No metabolic activity was seen. I had a biopsy. Nothing. I had another biopsy. Still, nothing. I was having pain in the upper portion of the left breast at about 12 o'clock. It started in the nipple and went straight up. My oncologist sent me to a pain manament doctor. Nope, I didn't need any meds for depression. At my marriage in Dec. 2003 I was added to the military treatments facility as my new husband was retired military. I decided after 18 months and 2 trips to the emergency room and still no help that maybe I should begin to look for a second opinion. It just so happened that the oncologist for the Base had just returned from Afghanistan and was willing to talk to me. By this time blisters had erupted on the areola on the top of my left breast and I was still having pain. I persisted. It was not in my head. I was soooooo very frustrated..they just didn't know what else to do. On first examination by the doctor on base she said, "why hasn't this been biopsied". I said, "it has twice" . I proceeded to explain what had gone on for 18 months. Her first statement then was it looks like IBC, inflammatory breast cancer. By this time I thought so too as I had been researching the internet like crazy... talking with any and everyone who might give me some insight or help. I had even been told that it can't be cancer as breast cancer doesn't cause pain. But, thankfully after another biopsy and another breast sonogram/mammogram, it was determined that indeed it was cancer. Because I had had a lumpectomy in 2003 and radiation, I now could only have chemo.

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