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Just found out today and am scared! Everything scares me. I already got my first bill and it is over a 1,000 dollars. I am on Medicare due to a disability- but I know it will not cover everything. Frightened and overwhelmed. I have my first appointment with cancer doctor 8am Monday-November 12, I think.

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    I would suggest doing what I've been doing. I've called the people sending me these bills and told them my situation. I've told them I can't afford to pay right now, I'm on disability, trying to just get through my cancer treatments and if there is any sort of financial assistance available for me. One of the people was able to speak to her supervisors and waived the two hundred balance. Yay! The higher bill of over one thousand, they said there is a financial assistance program and it can pay 70-100% of the bill. I'm waiting on the application for that. If you are too tired and need someone to help you with this, the American Cancer Society can connect you with someone who can help you make sense of all of these bills. Hope things get better. Sending hugs your way.

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