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Losing My Hair
You know, I never gave much thought to my hair. I was proud that it was still thick and I could wear it easily in a short cut- had a little gray, but that was to be expected at my age. I had stopped coloring my hair over two years ago. The blonde stuff that I had poured on my hair to lighten it up had become a drudge. I wanted easy and cool. So, I went natural and gray and it looked pretty good. Then I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I was tested for genetic mutations and was not a match- so chemotherapy was next on the treatment list. For me, it was chemo or nothing. I was not willing to roll the dice towards nothing and so my menu had one choice. I knew that hair loss was one of the side effects of the type of chemotherapy I would be receiving. I told my family and friends I really didn’t care. I was more concerned about what it would do to my body overall. But, as my hair began to fall, I realized it mattered much more than I had thought. Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana has all kinds of wigs, and coverings and I had gone there for some of the coverings. It is a wonderful place. I was glad I had thought ahead and gotten some hair coverings, a couple of turbans and a few hats. I had even gotten a wig-but wigs just aren’t me. Tomorrow, my daughter will come over and shave the rest of it off- it will be easier than having hair all over the floor, on my pillows and clothes, and in a vast array of other places I would have never thought to find it. Losing your hair is hard, but it is doable- and although it does make me sad- it confirms my determination that I am in battle, in the midst of a fight, and hunkered down in the trenches of a war that many of us are fighting every single day. Frankly, I thought this was as good a time as any to find my little friend- and heep tons of abuse upon him- but for some reason on this day I just didn’t feel like it.

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    I truly understand what you mean. I thought I was SO prepared to lose my hair. I told everyone it wasn't going to be a big deal, and I didn't think it would be, but nothing prepared me for it actually happening. My husband shaved my head after I just couldn't take any more of the fall-out, and I have to say, shaving it was a liberating feeling. It made me feel like I had control.

    I, too, got a wig from the ACS, but I'm not much of a wig person either. When friends from around the country said they wished they could do something to help, I asked them to send me a hat. I now have hats from CA to NYC, and many places in between. They make me smile to think of those friends that sent them. Now I'm just waiting for some re-growth!

    Good luck to you. I know it's difficult - it's the one thing that changes that tells the world what you are going through.

    I'll be glad to send you a hat!! :)

    over 7 years ago
  • Harry's Avatar

    I guess it's a good time to experiment with hats etc. Of course, it's different for a guy. I didn't lose my hair--except for the very slow effects of age.

    Maybe you should add a few extra piercings and go with the edgy rock star look? :-)

    over 7 years ago

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