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Today is my 3 year Cancerversay, I received my last radiation treatment, for my latest cancer, three years ago.

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  • Lindy's Avatar

    Three cheers for you, bravest of the brave. Lin

    about 9 years ago
  • WVgirl2424's Avatar

    So happy for you!

    almost 9 years ago
  • Jennew's Avatar

    Wow you have been through a lot. Cheers on being cancer free. Many blessings.

    almost 9 years ago
  • GrammaLeslie's Avatar


    over 8 years ago
  • riverbelle's Avatar

    Unbelievable Greg !!!! If any person needs to shout, it is YOU!!! and all of us Whatnexters, will shout with you, !!!!! I am in AWE, Greg. I want to say-THANK YOU, JESUS !!! I pray that does not offend YOU, GREG, or ANYONE !!!! I don't BELIEVE any man could have gotten through All of this, alone, Greg. All I had was surgery, and Radiation, once, and that was TOUGH. I am so HAPPY to be privilegde to read about this great healing, GREG. It does encourage me, Greater IS HE THAT IS WITHIN US than he that is in this world, Greg !!! God's Mercy, and the determination of you. Thank you for sharing with me, Greg, sometimes, it IS hard when going THROUGH. I have feelings now, and think, "What is THAT?" you know. Soon as October comes and I can get my other side checked again, I will relax. It is strange to me that Medicare won't let us recipients have a Mammogram but, every 2 years.When there has been a mass already there to let it not be checked for 2 years. That is as long as it took the Ductal Carcinoma to grow in the right side, I need to have that peace of mind. Thanks for listening. I am Blessed, too !! And Cancer free, too!!
    riverbelle AKA Dolores

    over 8 years ago
  • michaela's Avatar

    Hi Greg
    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences.
    I just finished 6 months of chemo and radiation.
    And I have to agree chemo is much more challenging.
    I was very uncomfortable for about 3 weeks after chemo. So I had a few days of feeling sort of normal. I am glad I am finished for a while.
    Cheers to you and your continued good health

    over 8 years ago
  • Kato12's Avatar

    You, Sir are a Blessing to those of us that are facing cancer treatment. So good of you to share your experiences. God Bless you.

    over 8 years ago
  • WVgirl2424's Avatar

    I just passed my 2nd stem cell transplant birthday.... I'm 2 years old and doing great! God has blessed me so very much!

    over 8 years ago
  • Chip54's Avatar

    Greg I am so glad you got better. You are an inspiration to me and so many
    others battling cancer.

    about 8 years ago
  • WVgirl2424's Avatar

    Greg, so happy for you and very happy for this site. Without you this site wouldn't be here. What next has helped me and so many others as we travel through our journey by connecting us with others who can answer our questions from our viewpoint. Thank you so much!

    about 8 years ago
  • msmonkii's Avatar

    Congratulations!!! You have been through the wringer, for sure. I wish you many years of health!

    almost 8 years ago
  • Joyex's Avatar

    I am so happy you are here and have helped me on this site already so much. xx

    almost 8 years ago
  • BigDeb's Avatar

    Hi Greg, what a true blessing. Thanks for sharing with us, may The Lord continue to bless you that much more. Thanks again Debra

    almost 8 years ago
  • Pamela53's Avatar

    Greg - I agree with above poster if anyone needs a shout out it is you! Thanks so much for sharing your journey and responding to mine so quickly. My BF had Hodgkins in the late 80s then again early 90's pretty much described to a tee what you went through! He's still here cancer free but plagued with the thought it will return. Many good years ahead to you Greg and your mind seems just fine :) After all we aren't getting any younger heee heee lets blame memory loss on that too!

    almost 8 years ago
  • helentran's Avatar

    Hello Greg,
    Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Hearing your story helps me with my own situation. I am glad you are doing well at this point. Thanks for being here for all of us.

    over 7 years ago
  • WVgirl2424's Avatar

    3 years, that is absolutely wonderful! Congrats! You inspire me and others to never stop fighting. Praying you are cancer free forever!

    over 7 years ago
  • JasmineG's Avatar

    It is journeys like yours that keep us inspired. If you can do it, we can do it. We will beat my husbands cancer, and no matter how rough our journey gets, your story will remind us that there is light at the end of the dark tunnel. Keep well my friend XO

    over 7 years ago
  • lanie516's Avatar

    Hi Greg, You have been through so much and yet you stay strong. God bless you for giving us all hope with your positive attitude.

    over 7 years ago

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