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Went to see an oral surgeon today, thought we were going to have all teeth removed. After looking at my treatments over the last 24 years, the Dr.s don't want to remove them. I am at too high of risk for osteoradionecrosis. Basically the jawbone rotting out from not healing after a tooth is pulled. Now, I have to go to a dentist that does reconstruction type dentistry, implants, special things that cancer patients have to have done.
A word of warning to anyone having radiation on the jaw/mouth area, get your teeth fixed, and extreme care has to happen to keep them. The saliva glands get killed then the teeth start going away. This surgeon now recommends to pull all the teeth before treatment to prevent the possibility. This problem is a serious one, that involves taking out the jaw bone and replacing it with leg bone. Not good. We will see how it turns out.

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