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After 4 years of trying to get help/resources, etc. I was finally able to get some help through the American Cancer Society and Vanderbilt Medical Center to get the teeth out of my mouth that had been destroyed by the radiation. All teeth were pulled slowly over the last couple years to ensure healing. The last were pulled a few months ago, and I have been to a local dentist to get fitted for dentures. Yesterday, I finally got them. It's not all a celebration as I am having a terrible time getting accustomed to them. Gagging, choking, getting sick, etc. Can't swallow with them in my mouth, all sorts of things I didn't expect. Today is day two and they are getting better to tolerate, I can drink coffee and swallow, I did eat just a bit of breakfast with them. So it seems it's going to take a couple weeks to get used to them, I hope it gets easier.

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    Dear Greg, I am sorry to listen that you are have more difficult than expected to get used to them but I am pretty sure when this time goes by you will enjoy your new smile and be able to eat everything you want. I wish you overcome this quickly. Kindly yours

    almost 6 years ago
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    Good luck with your new teeth, Greg. My family members with full dentures had to take a while to get used to them, but it did get better. I know yours are a little different with all the work they put into your mouth. If you have a lot of problems, maybe ask if they can be adjusted.

    almost 6 years ago
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    That's Awsome

    almost 6 years ago
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    You got this, Greg. In a few weeks this, too, will be behind you. It will only get better, and better.

    almost 6 years ago
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    almost 6 years ago
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    One step at a time. It's not easy but with time it Will get better. Hope you Get used faster Than you think!

    almost 6 years ago
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    Properly fitted dentures should not make you sick or make you gag. Perhaps you need to bring this to the attention of your dentist. Maybe this problem is from the surgery, not the dentures themselves. The bottom ones are usually the only ones that might be a problem but because of fit, so as soon as you are healed sufficiently, use a good denture adhesive. For healing try a warm salt water rinse.
    Of course you are just eating soft foods for a few weeks, and let me tell you that ice cream will make you feel very good!

    almost 6 years ago
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    Congrats on finally getting your dentures, I pray you have better success each day...that steak and corn-on-cob is just waiting for you! Meanwhile stick to scrambled eggs, soups and jello! Seriously, I am thrilled that this step is now behind you and you will be enjoying your new choppers soon.

    almost 6 years ago
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    Praying that you get adjusted really soon. Congratulations on getting all the dental work done. Enjoy this next step of your journey.

    almost 6 years ago
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    It gets better with time.I was having appointments week after week with a dentist while I was getting radiation.Had to get a bridge,because he couldn't save my tooth.He made my appointments as comfortable as possible.Just another thing I had to deal with but he was the only one who was full of support for me at the time.It's now going to be a year in Oct and I don't have anymore problems with my teeth.

    almost 6 years ago
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    Glad to hear!!! I haven't thought about the adjustment to new teeth. I should experience this about December.. Congratulation Neighbor!!!

    almost 6 years ago
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    As my grandpa always said: It's a great life if you don't weaken. Good luck with those new choppers, it's bound to get easier. I'm happy for you considering how long it took and all you've been through.

    almost 6 years ago
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    Greg, I was lucky with my throat radiation as it did not give me rapid tooth decay. But, with the radiation, two biopsies inside my throat and the partial paralysis there from polio I have had several things at different times to get accustomed too. The good news is our bodies are usually very good at adjusting to these kinds of changes when given a chance.

    You have to help it along with patience, hard work and a positive mental attitude. The patience is mainly to stick with the program of recovery. The work is often physical therapy that retrains your body parts to the new situation and to be given time to adjust it to work close to normal. The positive mental attitude includes being aware that some things you try work and others things you try do not. Your job is to figure out which is which and this takes time and again patience.

    After having polio in my throat I took a voice and diction class that uses many exercises for the mouth and throat; many were those that singers use to keep their voices in shape and those helped.

    I still deal with gagging and choking. If something gets stuck in my throat and I can still breathe, I say to myself I am OK as I am still breathing. My throat doctor said there are a lot of places in the throat for things to lodge. I have learned what foods are problems and make sure I have something to follow each bite with something that is easy to swallow; it lubricates and pushes the previous bite down. It is like taking applesauce to get pills down. Learning these tricks made it easier for me deal.

    Be sure to go in for adjustment to your, what my Granddad called his “new store-bought teeth” if they irritate your gums. A good fit may get you back to eating corn on the cob.

    almost 6 years ago
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    Smile!!! Congrats

    almost 6 years ago
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    How about posting a picture with your new smile? We all want to see the new pearly whites.

    almost 6 years ago
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    I am truly sorry to hear that the dentures are proving to be difficult. I, likewise, will be on the denture path. I have heard that often several adjustments are necessary to achieve a proper fit. I have spoken to several people with "first hand experience" who say after you get used to them things are vastly improved.

    I know that with a bit of time, and a proper fitting you will triumph over this. I have been closely following your "denture" journey because I am on the same path. Get better fast!

    My best to you & yours,

    almost 6 years ago
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    Greg I am happy for you. I am also glad to hear that you were able to get some help with paying for the dentures. I understand getting use to them is the hard part so be patient and work hard at keeping them in your mouth and you will soon find you are use to them. Good luck with that.

    almost 6 years ago
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    Hey Greg, hope is just a short adjustment for you and that you will soon be enjoying your new teeth.

    almost 6 years ago
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    I hope you continue to adjust and soon eating and wearing the dentures becomes more natural. I have quite the gag reflex so if I was in your shoes I'd likely have some of the same adjustment issues (I clench my teeth and had a custom night guard made, the first week or so I'd wake up gagging, my mouth just wasn't used to the night guard and my gag reflex went into overdrive)

    almost 6 years ago

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