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I am one month post stent implant surgery so off to Vanderbilt I went. I had an ultrasound on both sides of the neck to 1) check to see that the blood flow up to and past the stent that was placed in the right interior carotid artery is working, and 2) to check the left side of my neck for proper blood flow and to see that I have not stenosis on that side from the radiation.
If you haven't seen my previous posts in this journey, the radiation treatment causes the veins in the right side of my neck to "clamp down", restrict themselves, or Stenosis, they call it. I had a TIA Trans Ischemic Attack a month ago and was told this was a precursor to a full stroke. I guess I was just lucky to have had this and not the big daddy.
My check up was good, my blood is going where it's supposed to, I was kept on the current meds for another two months, then bloodwork and re evaluate. So, all it good!

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    Your journey has been so enlightening. I pray that I have success with my journeys. I am happy to have found this site while searching for help. Any ideas about keeping weight on would help me. I have shrunk to my junior high school weight and that is not good. Getting ready for surgery but would like to put on at least five pounds. Thanks for sharing. You are an inspiration.

    over 5 years ago

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